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Disgust As A Weapon

By Ellis June 19, 2011 In my run-up to Harry Potter Finale, I am re-reading the books and watching the films (while attired in my tiara and waving both my wands), AND — hang in there…I’ll make the connection in just three, two, ……. I find myself constantly amazed at J.K.’s ability to work boogers..

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Green Is The New Black

by Jenn Archuleta “It’s green.” “Green?” “Green. But it looks really good!” “It’s green.” “Yeah, but don’t worry, I can fix it.”

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I love this, Will. This could be a best-seller.

On February 26th, 2007, posted in: Reader Contributions by 0 Comment

If you want comments or ideas, here’s mine.—-Some of my favorite memories with my N&Ns are from making presents for their parents. That way, they get to “surprise” the parents. From tree ornaments to movies, aprons to art, we make a huge mess and have a great time. —-One of my favorite activities is making..

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The Definitive Guide to Being an Aunt or Uncle

On January 31st, 2007, posted in: Aunts and Uncles, Reader Contributions by 1 Comment

Close your eyes for a second and picture your favorite aunt or uncle. I’ll bet you are smiling right now. Aunts and uncles are special people in our society. They fill the role of adults who kids can talk with and look up to. Aunts and uncles make a big contribution by helping their siblings’..

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