Go Fast and Have Fun

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Professional triathlete Jasmine Oeinck is the real deal.  She has earned amazing credentials.  She was two years in a row the top U.S. triathlete in the under 23-years-old class, and in 2009 came in first place in the U.S. National Triathlon competition.
Jasmine also co-founded Bulumu Granola, a company based on the values of sustainability and passion for life.  Bulumu is a word that Jasmine and her mom invented to sign off their emails, as Jasmine was jetting around the globe racing triathlons as a 19-year-old professional.  It stands for Buckle Up, Love You, Miss You—Bu Lu Mu.  And Jasmine’s granola is fuel for people to pursue their passion.
Last month Jasmine had a chance to talk with athletes in the Flagstaff Academy Youth Triathlon Club.  These are kids from pre-school to 8th grade who are doing swim-bike-run training and racing.  She talked to them about training for races and other elements of triathlon.
Then she summed up her advice:
“If I had one bit of advice to give young triathletes, it would be this,” said Jasmine.
“Go as fast as you can.
“Swim as fast as you can, and bike as fast as you can and run as fast as you can.
“And have fun.”
Those are words to live by, like fuel for your passion.

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