Your Own Video Festival

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It’s a holiday, and the cousins are assembled around a couple of computers. They have their own video festival going on.

“Okay, okay, look at this one,” says Audrey and she opens up a two-minute YouTube video of a cat dancing around.
Her cousin Irish counters with an internet video she knows about a happy penguin running around the rookery.
Gales of laughter as big as the gales of Antarctica ensue.
I boot up an old TV commercial showing cowboys herding cats across the prairie.  It goes over pretty well.
Cousin Jill tosses in her nomination, clicking on a video about a budding Jedi doing the Star Wars light saber dance.
Britney has a short video to show, too:  Marcel the Shell.
And on it goes.  Two computers, good internet connection, and some ideas about goofy, fun videos to watch.  The cousins taking turns offering their favorite short clips.
Their own video festival.

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