Aunts and Uncles: Special People

Close your eyes for a second and picture your favorite aunt or uncle. I’ll bet you are smiling right now. Aunts and Uncles are special people in our society.

Aunts and uncles fill the role of adults who kids can talk with and look up to.  Aunts and uncles make a big contribution by helping their siblings’ kids grow up with solid role models and with additional learning that their parents and grandparents can’t provide.  Everybody has a favorite aunt or uncle, or both, whether a blood relative or an unrelated person so fondly considered that the family just naturally calls him “uncle.”

Given the enormous number of nieces and nephews out there (67,517 million American households have children under 18 according to the Census Bureau) and all their aunts and uncles, you’d think that somebody would have written a book about how to be an aunt.  There are cubic yards of books about how to be a parent, and even some about how to be a grandparent.  There are even a couple of odes-to-aunts-type books.  There are no books specifically aimed at aunting and uncle-ling.

How did this large, deserving cadre get overlooked?  Maybe it’s because we take our aunts and uncles for granted.  They come around once in a while, often on holidays or special events.  They are great fun while they are here. You can depend on them.  Need to talk to an adult, but not your parents?  You go to your aunt or uncle. It’s instinctual. But instinct doesn’t lead to celebration.  Maybe we just never thought about what it takes to be an aunt or uncle.  Maybe we should.

This site celebrates the unique, indispensable and slightly zany role of the aunts and uncles in our society.  It helps aunts and uncles realize their role through a fun collection of things to teach and to do with their nieces and nephews.

So here we offer practical and fun things to do. Enjoy, contribute ideas, have fun.

Say Yes.